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This first album has its title like a cientific formula because the process was like an experiment that challenged me to introspection and get to know myself as an artist and as a human being. In the first meeting with the music producer, Harry Aponte, my intentions were always to find a place to record my first album. At the time, including Harry, everyone was recommending that it was better for me to not make an album and focus on singles. So I showed him all my existing repertoire and nothing convinced him until finally, I showed him the song “Solo Tú”, and that's when he told me that if I brought him more compositions like that, we could start an album. I sat down to write and managed to bring him 2 songs a week. Resulting in a collection of 6 songs of the genre "Urban Pop". It was going to be an album with more songs, but at the beginning of the pandemic I decided to close with the ones that we already had ready, because I felt that the rest of the world needed to know the empowering magic of "Solo Tú". This song is included in the album and is now available only on YouTube with a music video.

Trying to find a definition for my musical proposal, I discovered many things. The K is an intermittent definition, a riddle, and many clues that need not be solved (as I sang in "Piso De Vidrio"). I seek to reflect a journey through time between vintage and modern, achieving a balance and in an innovative way to make my contribution to the “Pop” scene of Puerto Rico, Latin America, and the rest of the World. The album have 6 Pop songs. Each song has the presence of the ukulele, the instrument with which I composed all the songs.

The cover art for this album is a self portrait, was worked in pencil and then digitally edited by me. It represents the experiment of introspection, acceptance and growth.


Artista Puertorriqueña, Actriz y Modelo Profesional.

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